Holiday décor workshop set for Saskatoon

October 19, 2018 by  

The winter holiday season tends to be a time for families and friends to come together, and as part of an upcoming Saskatoon-based workshop, the public will be learning how they can craft some unique holiday décor that will be personalized just for them.

This evening event has been planned so that it will draw out the creative spirit in each of the students. They will be crafting wooden signs, which will be painted by hand, and these can be kept or given as a gift.

The registration fee for the class is $50.00, and this covers the cost of the materials used, as well as snacks and drinks for the session. The facilitator will be able to field any questions the assembled group may have about holiday décor, and can they can also offer advice and tips for getting a home ready for the festive season.

While the attendees work on the projects, there will be lots of opportunities for them to socialize and make new friends. The planners of a function like this can turn to a local printing services provider to supply them with the printed products they need to promote the activity

This opportunity for people to flex their creative muscles will be taking place at 512 Isabella Street East. November 14 has been chosen as the date for the workshop.