Happy 150th birthday to the Halifax Public Gardens

May 1, 2017 by  

Halifax’s world renowned public gardens will be hosting a special celebration to mark its 150th anniversary, and it is seeking help from the public to make this year’s season the best one yet.

The Friends of Public Gardens has put out a call for local performers who are interested in providing entertainment that will part of a season-long showcase. The organizers will jury the applications and submissions, and choose the one’s they feel would be the best fit for the theme of the festivities. A sign printing establishment will be able to supply an event like this with an assortment of themed signage and other large decorations that have a look and feel from the Victorian era.

Along with performers, the event planners are interested in hearing any ideas from the community for a Public Gardens event. All will be welcome, and can help to make the season one the city will always remember fondly. In addition to this, volunteers are also being sought who will be willing to lend their support and a helping hand during the activities that will be held in the garden throughout the spring, summer, and early fall.

Anyone who is interested in suggesting an activity, volunteering, or performing for the public has been asked by the organizers to visit its website. The deadline for submissions is May 10th.