Guthrie re-elected as Guelph mayor

November 8, 2018 by  

A two-horse municipal race ultimately saw incumbent Cam Guthrie comfortably secure a second term as the mayor of Guelph, Ontario.

Guthrie won re-election with about two-thirds of the vote over new candidate Aggie Mlynarz. Somewhat unusually, it really was a two-horse race, without a fringe candidate even on the ballot. The vote took place on October 23, the same day as local elections across the province of Ontario.

Guthrie campaigned under the slogan of “A Stronger, Safer Guelph”, with promises including increased investment in police, infrastructure, and an expansion to Guelph General Hospital. He celebrated his victory with a live band at the Guelph Holiday Inn.

Miynarz, a former NDP parliamentary candidate, focused on issues such as expansion of the local library and parklands. After conceding defeat, she promised to hold Guthrie accountable during his second four-year term.

It was a strong night for familiar faces, as all of the 10 city councillors who ran for re-election were returned to their position. Dominique O’Rourke and Rodrigo Goller were elected to the two vacant seats.

Municipal campaigns such as these are fought through time-tested methods such as phone-banking, banner printing, going door-to-door, flyer printing, and lawn signs, all designed to attract the intention of residents who may not follow local politics. Voter turnout was estimated at 37%, down somewhat from 2014.