Guelph to celebrate John Galt Day

July 25, 2013 by  

John Galt Day takes place on the first Monday of August each year and honors the man who founded the city of Guelph.

John Galt was a Scottish author and political commentator. He was the Secretary of the Canada Company, which was established to colonize Upper Canada. In addition to his ties to Guelph, the city of Galt, which is now part of Cambridge, was named after him.

The celebrations during John Galt Day will feature live music entertainment, children’s activities, games and crafts, water activities and vendors representing the local farmers’ market.

During the day, admission to the Guelph Civic Museum will also be free. Vendors are likely to be selling all sorts of items, including arts and craft products such as jewelry and ceramics. There should be something to appeal to every member of the family.

The City of Guelph is currently holding auditions for people to take part in the day’s events. Organizers are looking for volunteer performers in music, comedy, drama, and dance. It is expected to be a great opportunity for those seeking to establish their performance careers in Guelph.

It’s very likely that the organizers are working with Guelph printing companies to help promote the day’s events throughout the community. This might include investing in banner and flyer printing services.

John Galt Day will take place at Market Square on August 3, from 10:00am – 3:00pm. Admission is free. For more information about the activities call 519-822-1260 x2556.