Friends of Fish Creek planning annual AGM

December 10, 2018 by  

Calgary’s Fish Creek Environmental Learning Center has invited its membership, as well as the general public, to attend its upcoming annual general meeting (AGM).

The group will be showcasing its success throughout the past year, and its membership will be voting on bylaws and others agenda items.

The yearly event will be bringing together its members, staff and governing body with members of the public, and several donors will also be in attendance. Refreshments will be offered, and there will be time to mingle and share the organization’s vision for the future.

While the AGM will be about celebrating the successes of Friends of Fish Creek, it will also be a business meeting. Its members will be asked to vote on an assortment of agenda items, and they will also be able to ask questions from the floor. New members will be presented, and the board and staff will be on hand to meet and greet the guests.

It is common practice for many not-for-profit groups to provide copies of their bylaws and other documents to its membership, so they can review them before voting to adopt them at their AGMs. Stationery printers can supply these and other documents, which can be bound or printed with the group’s letterheads.

This year, the Friends of Fish Creek AGM has been scheduled for January 31st. The location for the event will be 13931 Woodpath Road in Calgary.