Festive flyers featured in special Cambridge Conservatory exhibit

December 12, 2018 by  

Even in the dead of winter, Cambridge’s Butterfly Conservatory offers warmth and light, and until the end of January, it will also be a temporary home to hundreds of large, pure white butterflies freely flying around visitors.

Rice paper butterflies, which are large relatives of the better known orange and black monarchs, will create a snowfall-like display as they flutter. Visitors can walk among them as they appear to float in the air, and while they do, they can enjoy the holiday decor and atmosphere.

During the ‘Flight of White’ event, there will be a mixture of white poinsettias blended with thousands of twinkling white lights. Classical music will provide a relaxing backdrop, and some guests may even be lucky enough to have one of the friendly butterflies land on them.

To help make this family friendly event educational as well as enjoyable, signage will be placed throughout the display that offers more information about the rice papers and other species that call the site home. Local print shops can provide signage for events like this, along with any other printed products that can help to make them a success

This special holiday-themed display will be open to visitors at the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory until January 28th. Admission to this special seasonal display is included in the regular ticket price.