Family camp experience on offer for children living with arthritis

August 25, 2018 by  

While arthritis is often thought of as a group of diseases that affects older adults, but it can also develop in children, and a special event has been planned for Winnipeg with this in mind.

The Arthritis Society will be hosting a special camp for families with a son or daughter who has a diagnosis of juvenile arthritis and their parents and siblings will also be welcome. The goal is to

offer a fun camping experience in a supportive environment.

The organizers of the event noted that they have been able to adapt many traditional camp activities and adapt them, if needed, so that they can be enjoyed by all of the campers. Many of the offerings will be nature based, and games, orienteering and outdoor cookery are all on the agenda. This event will be held at Camp Manitou which has 28 acres of space to explore, and is being offered free of charge.

Once a family’s registration has been received, forms and other materials will be sent to them to complete. Brochure printing can be used by the planners of this sort of event to produce an assortment of promotional products that let those who are interested know more about it.

The Arthritis Society’s family camp will run from Friday October 12th until Sunday October 14th. It will be located at 850 Green Oaks Lane in Headingly.