Elementary school skate program launched

January 23, 2018 by  

A new learn-to-skate program designed for children in grade two was launched this month courtesy of the city of Edmonton and the Oilers Community Foundation.

The launch of the new program called ‘CanSkate@School’ will see children from lower income communities receive free ice time at the local Downtown Community Arena. In total, 12 schools have been selected to take part in the program this season, with grade two classes receiving free transportation to the arena, complimentary equipment rentals, activities on ice and in the classroom, and instruction from professional Skate Canada coaches.

The program has been fully funded by a generous $1m donation from the Oilers Community Foundation and the family of Edmonton Oiler’s hockey franchise owner, Daryl Katz.

The Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation was started in 2001, with the goal of improving lives and ending social class disparities, while benefiting the city as a whole. The foundation provides support and funding for programs that enrich the lives of youth in the local community and support physical fitness. More information about the ‘CanSkate@School’ program and other services offered by the foundation may be provided in brochures and calendars at the charity’s main office.

Some of the funding was used to purchase much needed equipment for the Downtown Community Arena. The arena is the only location in the city that regularly provides free equipment rentals and no charge public ice time.