Edmonton yoga session to feature feisty felines

March 9, 2017 by  

Edmonton residents who have always wanted to give yoga a try, and also those who already enjoy the activity, are invited to come to an event that will help them to keep fit. At the same time, it will hopefully help shelter cats to find new homes.

The Edmonton Humane Society will be holding its first session of ‘Cats on the Mats’, which will give people an opportunity to participate in a Hatha yoga session along with some of the cats who reside in the shelter. This can be very relaxing for the participants, while at the same time helping the felines socially. According to its organizers, the hope is that the cats will catch the eye of someone who is interested in making a new and furry addition to their family.

The session is open to both novices and experienced yoga practitioners alike, and instruction will be provided to those who need it. There will be 45 minutes of class time, as well as 15 minutes that will be allocated to meditation and relaxation. Those who plan an event like this can order any promotional items they need from a company that provides online printing services.

Cats on the Mats has been scheduled for April 15 from 9:00 am until 10:00 am at 13620 163 Street Northwest in Edmonton. The Humane Society’s website includes further details and an opportunity to register to participate.