Edmonton Food Forest in need of a helping hand

June 8, 2017 by  

The River Valley Food Forest is one of the first of its kind in Edmonton, and the public has been asked to lend a helping hand to this self-sustaining source of urban food security.

Trees and other plants have been planted and grown on the site for the past three years, and it now has thousands of native shrubs and that are edible. The public’s assistance is being sought to install thousands more during a day of planting that has been planned for the slope of MacKinnon Ravine. Flyers can prove to be both an economical and effective way to promote a community-based function like this, and can be posted throughout the local area.

The goal is to install thousands more native food producing plants, which will be supplied by the organizers. They will also provide the planting equipment, water and bathroom access, and those who participate are reminded to wear suitable footwear, bring along snacks and also to come dressed for the weather conditions on planting day.

This day of grassroots environmental action will also help to feed the city and has been planned for MacKinnon Ravine Park on August 26th from 10:00am until 2:00pm. Everyone’s help with the project will be most welcome, and all local residents are invited to come out to the site and get planting.