Edmonton cooking competition seeks to find the country’s best

February 5, 2017 by  

This summer, Edmonton will be playing host to the Canadian Food Championships, and chefs from all across the country are invited to apply to participate.

The event, which is open to both professional and amateur cooks and chefs alike, will take place over several days. It will determine which people will be on Team Canada, which will participate in this year’s World Food Championships.

The competition will have six categories: steak, seafood, burger, sandwich, bacon and dessert. Each of these will have no more than 20 competitors, and the entries will be judged on a double-blind basis according to international standards. Each participant will prepare their signature dish for the timed preliminary round, with the top five entries moving on to the next where they will prepare a dish using a specific ingredient that has been selected by the organizers. Cash prizes will be awarded to the top three submissions.

Those who are interested in taking part can do so by winning one of the sanctioned competitions that will be held across the country. Alternatively, they can enter as a ‘wildcard’, which will allow them to potentially be selected to compete. Business forms and other paperwork for an event like this can be custom designed and prepared by a printer.

The Canadian Food Championships will be held in Edmonton from July 21 to 23. Anyone who would like to find out more is invited to visit the event’s website.