Downtown Mississauga offers unique Sun-SET

January 30, 2018 by  

The annual winter tree wrap program is once again on display in downtown Mississauga.

For the fourth year, travellers along the Hurontario Street median in the downtown core will be treated to an impressive display of vibrant colours and creative design. Each winter, the brown burlap-wrapped oak trees are transformed into a temporary work of art, elevating the appearance of Mississauga’s streets.

The annual art project serves an important function for the residents and tourists in the downtown core. Created by an architectural design firm based out of Toronto, Polymetis, this year’s display has been aptly named ‘Sun-SET’. Nicholas Croft and Michaela MacLeod are the artists behind the work, which was created with an appreciation for the city’s natural resources.

The theme for 2018 was the concept of ‘Future Directions’ in the city, including the planned transit infrastructure, city building skylines and the impact of climate change for the local environment.

Revellers of the Sun-SET display will find brightly coloured printed fabrics across more than 45 oak trees. Often, a print or graphic design company is called upon to help bring artists’ designs to life.

Each year, the city accepts proposals during the month of August for this temporary art installation. The tree wraps are installed over the burlap wraps on the trees, and will be removed in the spring.