Downsview invited to guided exploration of historic Mount Pleasant cemetery

July 5, 2018 by  

Mount Pleasant Cemetery offers a park-like atmosphere and a chance to enjoy natural beauty in the heart of the city, and Downsview residents who would like to find out more about its human and natural history can be a part of a guided exploration of the site.

The free tour will take the assembled group through the cemetery along some of its lesser known paths. As they go, the group will learn about the different monuments and he families that built them and also the trees and other plants from all over the world that have been installed on the grounds.

The participants in the walk will gather at the Kay Gardner Beltline Park entrance before heading out. While the event is being offered for free, donations to help support the programs and other initiatives offered by Heritage Toronto will be most appreciated.

The walk, which will last for approximately an hour and a half, and it is scheduled to begin at 1:30pm. A local printing services company can provide maps of the site and other printed information that can help those who participate get the most from the experience.

This opportunity to learn more about one of the city’s well known landmarks will be held on Saturday, August 25. It has been organized by Heritage Toronto, and is being brought to the community courtesy of the support of an assortment of local sponsors.