Different printing services in Hamilton

November 17, 2010 by  

The Hamilton area offers consumers different kinds of printing services should they need a variety for whatever printing requirements they have. Printing is much of the time carried out as a large-scale operation; as such, it is a fundamental aspect of transaction publishing. Ordering the correct printing services for your project can be confusing at times, especially when considering the ink, the materials, the artwork, the binding and the finishing.

Flexography is best thought of as the printing process that puts the correct print on packaging materials like grocery bags, bottle labels and plastic bags. The process involves the use of presses which employ rubber plates that have printed areas raised in a relief. Nowadays, flexography has expanded into printing magazines, newspaper inserts and even paperback books.

Gravure printing is a somewhat costly type of printing, but it balances that out by being quite high-quality. The result of using this kind of printing service is that it resembles a photograph due to its continuous tone effect. For companies that produce magazines and catalogs that feature high circulation, gravure printing is the only way to go. An effective example of a widely read and popular publication that uses this form of printing service is National Geographic Magazine.

Among the printing services in the Hamilton area that shops there should also offer is screen printing which features the method of pushing ink through a screen. This is useful if customers need big orders of prints for non-flat items, things like coffee mugs, billboards, ring binders and clothing.