Dental implant conference planned for Timmins

October 13, 2016 by  

Dentists and hygienists from Timmins and the surrounding area are welcome to take part in a conference that its organizers hope will provide them with a set of tools they can use in their own dental practice.

The participants will be presented with information about the problems with dental implants that are commonly seen in a practice. They will learn how to assess an implant, the common causes of peri-implantitis and how to determine if it has occurred in a patient. The management of dental implants will also be reviewed, with the focus being on how a hygienist can care for patients who have received one. Comb binding can be used to create handouts containing further information for all those who take part in a session like this.

The overall goal is to give attendees a set of skills they can use to detect peri-implantitis early and determine what treatment can be used should it occur. The lecture will be facilitated by Dr. Jaffer Kermaklli, Peridontist.

The workshop will be held on December 5, stating with registration and dinner at 6:30 pm at the Hampton Inn by Hilton: Timmins. The lecture portion of the evening will begin at 7:00 pm. The cost to attend is $35, and two CE credit hours will be given to those who require them.

Further details and an opportunity to take part in the event can be found on its Eventbrite page.