Day of outdoor fun and learning set for Saskatoon park

January 24, 2019 by  

Saskatoon’s Kona-Wanuskewin Winter Festival is an annual celebration of First Nations culture. This free event, which includes a variety of activities, will run throughout the day, and everyone is invited to participate in the family-friendly fun.

People will be coming in from all over the city and surrounding communities to Wanuskewin Park to be a part of this event, and its organizers anticipate that it will be a big success. The attendees can spend time at each of the stations that will be set up for the occasion, and there will also be a talk about indigenous artifacts and how they were used.

The plan for the day includes kick sled tours of the park, as well as dog sled rides. The public can try their luck at walking with snowshoes, and Voyageur games will also be on offer. First Nation storytellers will keep the crowd entertained, and all ages are welcome.

Along with all of the other offerings, Dr. Walker will lead a discussion about tools and other artifacts. People are welcome to bring along an item to have it identified and learn about how it was used. Signage can help to keep an event like this well organized, and it can be prepared by a professional printer’s graphic design department.

This opportunity for residents of Saskatoon to learn about First Nations culture while having fun in the great outdoors has been planned for February 9. The day is scheduled to kick off at 10:00 am.