UFC event builds up anticipation

January 31, 2011 by  

Poster printing companies in Milton, Ontario, are no doubt gearing up to help promote the upcoming UFC 129 event that is scheduled to be held on April 30, 2011. The UFC event will be a milestone of sorts as it will mark the first time that the UFC show has come to the province of Ontario. The April 30 show will be held at the Rogers Center, and it will feature a seating capacity of 42,000.

Seating for this inaugural fighting event will attract a premium price, and this will be directly related to where on the floor attendees sit. The prices for floor seating range from $300 for the less desirable seats to a whopping $800 for the premium seats. People who are more economical-minded can elect to stay off the floor altogether and simply sit in the stands. Seating in the stands will run attendees at least $50 for the cheapest seating arrangement and $250 for the most expensive.

Live events that UFC puts on are generally highly exciting with the frenetic energy of the crowd oftentimes enough to get attendees’ pulse rates pumping harder. For those in the audience that have are not as close to the ring as they would like to be, they can follow the action blow-by-blow courtesy of the stadium’s Jumbotron screen.
Fans of the sport will have no doubt seen promotional posters advertising the event, and may want to use the services of a banner printing company in or around Milton to take along a banner in support of their favourite athlete.

Local beer company stymied by advertising rates

January 31, 2011 by  

Banner and poster printing companies in New Westminster, B.C., are well placed to help promote community events that a local beer company is sponsoring. The Russell Brewing Company, from nearby Surrey, is now more focused than ever on sponsoring events in the Vancouver region that are community-based. These are things like soccer games, football games, and rugby games.

Only four short years ago, the Russell Brewing Company was at the forefront of what it believed to be a beer revolution when it partnered with the province’s resident Canadian Football League team, the B.C. Lions. That was then. In 2009, however, the brewing company ended their contract with the football team when the Lions moved out of their stadium, which was located at B.C. Place Stadium.

Being only a small brewery with yearly sales of $10 million, the beer company was unable to compete with bigger companies who wanted to advertise in a glitzier and reborn stadium downtown. According to Russell’s CEO, one Brian Harris, advertising in the new downtown stadium is just out of their moderate league.

With B.C. Place Stadium turning into a venue that cost $600 million, bigger companies who drove up the advertising costs began to get attracted to the prospects of advertising in a brand new, downtown stadium. As such, when the stadium received a commitment to be rebuilt, everything changed for the worse for Russell.

Still, Harris is not ruling out any future contracts with the B.C. Lions.

With the Lions looking for a new sponsorship deal, whatever the outcome, they will be able to rely on printing services in New Westminster to provide them with brand new corporate stationary, posters and banners.

Ontario man uses bicycling to help raise money for cancer research

January 30, 2011 by  

Banner printing companies in Newmarket, Ontario, can lend their services to benefit a cancer-fundraising bike event that will come up in June of this year. The bike event is a 200-mile bike ride that covers the Ontario locations of Toronto to Niagara Falls; it is expected to take riders two whole days to finish up.

One rider in particular, Ken Webster, has a lot at stake that is riding on [Read more]

Chump Car World Series coming to town

January 30, 2011 by  

Banner printing companies in Medicine Hat, Alberta, will be preparing to help with promotional duties for an upcoming event taking place in Calgary in the later part of May of this year. The Chump Car World Series will be coming to town, and it is a racing event that can only be described as unique and an acquired taste.

Booking the track at the city’s Race City facility, the Chump Car World Series is a much-needed event that will breathe a semblance of live back into this aging track, and may well be its last hurrah. After 2011, [Read more]

Military memorial centre of downtown art project

January 30, 2011 by  

The Edmonton Public Art council is currently short listing several local area artists for a commission to create a military commemorative art installation on 102A Ave in the city’s core.

Print services in Edmonton support the arts community in the provincial capital and assist in the production of artistic renderings for similar projects. The project under consideration is entitled “Edmonton: a Home for its Citizens in the Armed Forces”.

Artists under consideration for the project have been given a $300,000 budget and a [Read more]

Print company employee needs to adjust to constant change

January 29, 2011 by  

Some long-time employees of print companies in Orangeville, Ontario, may feel that their jobs constantly undergo change. After all, such is the case for nearby Hanna worker Chris Litz. Litz started at his local Hanna Herald newspaper some 25 years ago, back in late April of 1985. At that time, he started working as a press operator who tackled broad sheet publication.

But due to his job sector’s constant change, his job duties have transformed into distribution along with utilizing [Read more]

Shelter for homeless youth gets them off to a great start

January 29, 2011 by  

Flyer printing companies in London, Ontario, are on hand to assist with the efforts of a local shelter for homeless youth in continuing to feed the young and destitute. The Second Base Youth Shelter in nearby Scarborough is a decent example of what kind of difference community activists can make if they only put their minds to it.

The Second Base Youth Shelter is a shelter—the only one in the entire city for homeless youth—that functions with 56 beds, but it opens up 10 more if [Read more]

High school students try to raise money for war on cancer

January 29, 2011 by  

The next time that high school students promote their cancer-fundraising event with promotional stickers, they may want to hire stationery printing companies in Oakville, Ontario, to do the job for their event. Recently, a high school in nearby Mississauga held an event that some of their teachers and students thought would be an effective form of help in the war against cancer.

Staff and high school students at Mississauga’s Gordon Graydon Memorial Secondary School were pampered last week at their cancer fundraiser that featured [Read more]

City of Kitchener shines light on solar power

January 28, 2011 by  

Printing companies around Kitchener plugged into energy saving initiatives and joined with other local organizations and businesses on Jan 19. for the fourth Solar Industry Networking Group (SING), hosted by the City of Kitchener.

Innovators from the solar industry and area businesses who are already involved in the solar power supply chain participated in the annual networking evening held at Kitchener City Hall.

News on solar installations and new technologies were presented and shared among [Read more]

Small businesses more prone to hardship if founders fall ill

January 28, 2011 by  

Small catalog printing companies in Red Deer, Alberta, will face challenges at keeping up their day-to-day business operations if any of their founders suddenly come down with a prolonged illness. While said catalog printing companies offer great services, their brain trust is often invested in only one person. Such problems with keeping the company going are best typified at businesses like Calgary’s Print Audit, which produces tracking software designed to help [Read more]

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