Digital fabric printing company takes home award

December 31, 2010 by  

Brochure printers in Woodstock, Ontario, will want to know about the award that was recently handed out to a Toronto-based printer of digital fabric. At this year’s 4th Annual International Sports Event Management Awards, The Look Company took home the Silver award for its work.

The Toronto company won the Silver award for its work related to this year’s Olympic and Paralympic Games in Vancouver. The Look Company won the Silver award in the [Read more]

Ontario government forcing utilities to highlight discount

December 31, 2010 by  

Business card printing companies in Windsor, Ontario, may want to be aware of a new tactic by Ontario’s provincial government. The Liberal government is mandating local utilities to highlight a 10 percent discount on electricity on hydro bills for the period of the next five years.

The 10 percent discount is called the Ontario Clean Energy Benefit, and it will be distributed to provincial residents in the following few weeks. Households, farms and small businesses will all be getting the [Read more]

New center for business support opens its doors

December 30, 2010 by  

Any printing company in Vaughan, Ontario, may want to note that a new business center has opened up in nearby Mississauga, which can go a long way towards supplying some essential printing needs. PostNet Canada calls itself the ultimate center for business support; it is a store that features print services, design services, shipping services, and also copy services.

Located in Mississauga, the new print services store is situated at [Read more]

Digital version of books increasing in popularity

December 29, 2010 by  

Any print company in Vaughan, Ontario, may want to start paying attention to the growing trend in the print industry relating to the increase in popularity of books’ digital versions. This is seen in many places including even at Toronto’s Public Library, where they have recorded a monumental increase in the demand for ebooks from last year into this year. The overall increase is 62 percent.

One of the catalysts that is driving interest in ebooks is the recent hubbub surrounding [Read more]

Women turn to nude calendar to raise money

December 28, 2010 by  

Printing companies in Vancouver may be interested to learn of a unique if not naughty way to raise money for the local food bank. 10 women, all age 65 and over, who count themselves as members of the Centre Stage dance group have decided to pose in the nude to raise money for a local food bank. The women, all from Vancouver Island’s Cowichan Valley, came up with the idea for the nude calendar after sitting around and talking one day.

The result of this chat is the 2011 “Babes” In The Wood Calendar, and it features individual pictures of the 10 women in the local Vancouver Island dance troupe in poses that are more good-humored than [Read more]

Photographers unite to help low-income people

December 27, 2010 by  

Print companies in Vancouver may want to refer back to what a group of local, Vancouver photographers did for the poor people of a certain, Vancouver neighborhood. Back in early December, the movement by the name of Help Portrait utilized their expertise, equipment and time to help out the people in their community who are less fortunate.

At the downtown East Vancouver Union Gospel Mission, more than 20 local, Vancouver photographers were on hand to personally shoot more than 100 families and persons. To help out the poor people of the neighborhood, the local photographers provided photo services at no charge, an important concern for the aforementioned poor people, who often want to send their loved ones pictures of themselves, but cannot afford the cost to do so.

In order to make this event possible, a few nonprofit organizations contributed to this well-intentioned effort. The nonprofits contributing were the YWCA Vancouver, The Salvation Army, and the Nehemiah Arts Foundation Vancouver. Together, these nonprofits teamed up to ensure that a welcoming atmosphere was established in order to offer the photographers’ artistic abilities to the financially struggling people of East Vancouver. The Artisan Vancouver Church livened up the event by providing live musical acts all through the day. These acts performed both in outdoor as well as indoor settings. No doubt, local printing services in Vancouver also helped out such a worthy cause.

The event back in early December was designated an open community event, which means that all people who wanted to attend were welcome.

Management changes occurring at printing company

December 26, 2010 by  

Printing companies in Surrey, B.C., may want to observe the changes to the management team that are occurring at a nearby printing company in Vancouver. The changes to the management team are occurring at Metropolitan Fine Printers, which has been in business since 1977.

The management team changes are primarily a reshuffling of employees who already work at the Vancouver printing company. Starting with the role of president, Nikos Kallas has been appointed to the job, and his tenure as [Read more]

3D printing becoming more popular

December 26, 2010 by  

Employees of banner printing companies in Toronto may want to look at the innovative, 3D print technology that a print company is using. Ottawa’s XYZ-RGB Inc. is able to employ a special, 3D printer in order to do a host of printing jobs that print companies without this technology simply can’t do.

Hollywood studios have even come calling for XYZ-RGB’s services, asking for their scanning information services. The movie-making world isn’t the only place that’s interested in this technology, as the 3D printer can be applied to [Read more]

Toronto dental studio joins dental restoration program

December 25, 2010 by  

Printing companies in St. Catharines may be curious about the latest news emerging from a dental studio in Ontario, which now provides the 3D printing of resin patterns.
The dental surgery in question has recently been made part of the SensAble Authorized Production Center Program or SAPC Program. Such production centers make both removable as well as [Read more]

Ottawa mayor aims to save his citizens money

December 25, 2010 by  

Companies that print digital business cards in Toronto will be interested to know that the mayor in nearby Ottawa, Ontario, is doing all he can on the job to save his citizens as much as is possible. One of the ways his money-saving efforts are directed is against the excessive printing of recreation programming guides by the city.

Ottawa mayor Jim Watson is making it a point to project an image of a leadership style that differs in important aspects from his predecessor. Watson prides himself in looking at the small things, his reasoning being that nothing is too small to accomplish on behalf of his citizens in Ottawa. Whilst the mayor may have been the target for some criticism, he insists that that is all part of his new, mayoral philosophy, which puts emphasis on micro-management to persuade people to get even the so-called small things done.

Cost-saving is a big concern for the mayor as is evidenced by his constant reminders and follow-ups to staff to look at the possibilities of ideas that save money. He has recently targeted the concept of reducing the number of recreation programming guides, on account of the fact that they are excessive. Watson’s reasoning is that the guides are too thick and said thickness causes the printing job to be too large.

Watson also claims that he wants to pursue a can-do attitude at his level of local governance.

Some companies that print digital business cards in Toronto may support the Mayor in his stance on reducing the amount of paper used in the printing industry.

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