Company exhibits in 3D at Print World

November 30, 2010 by  

If any brochure printers in the Mississauga area were in attendance at the recent Print World exhibit in Toronto this November, they would have seen an exhibit in particular that stood out. At booth 1026, manroland offered Print World attendees the chance to look at an overview of all that was new in print technology, which was released for 2010. One of the most innovative ways that manroland allowed attendees to accomplish this was by way of a 3D glance inside a printing press.

The means of the 3D technology that allowed Print World attendees to look inside the [Read more]

Printing company expands to Edmonton area

November 29, 2010 by  

Printing companies in Red Deer may want to look at the expansion into Edmonton of Rhino Print Solutions as a potential indicator of business conditions in the area. Recently, Rhino Print Solutions took the growth-minded step of expanding into the Edmonton area by naming a new sales manager for the said area.

The printing company has appointed a man by the name of Kevin Bialobzyski as the new sales manager for the Edmonton area. Bialobzyski already has an advantage on his side as the new appointee because he is already a resident of Edmonton; this familiarity is sure to give him an edge while on the job since he already has a fine understanding of the area. Bialobzyski is a veteran of the print industry, having spent the last 14 years working there in the capacity of a direct print seller as well as a print supplier. One of his last employment stints was with Quad/Graphics.

Bialobzyski was quite enthusiastic about his new post as well as the chance to move Rhino Print Solutions into the market of Edmonton. Pointing to the already established Rhino Print Solutions facilities in both Calgary and Vancouver, he asserted that his print company would be able to provide a new print platform to the Edmonton region, one not previously available.

A privately held company, Rhino Print Solutions serves both the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada and has manufacturing operations in both Calgary as well as Vancouver. Printing companies in Red Deer may want to study expanding their own operations in light of Rhino Print Solutions’ new moves.

Attendees at Print World told to get excited over change

November 29, 2010 by  

All printing companies near the Mississauga area should have been in attendance for the final day of the Print World exhibition, taking place this year in Toronto. The keynote speaker for Print World’s last day was none other than CEO and founder Bob Young. Challenging the printers in attendance at the exhibition, Young urged them to change things up from day to day in their printing operations.

Borrowing from philosophy, Young suggested to the attendees to look at [Read more]

3D printing services promise revolutionary way of printing

November 28, 2010 by  

3D printing services that may make their way to Pickering one day promise customers a revolutionary way of looking at the printing process. Chances are that most people still have printers which use conventional, 2D technology. This means that you likely cannot print 3D models.

However, technology that is still in its infancy is making 3D printing more and more popular, and it surely is already interesting enough. 3D printers employ a technology that has the ability to create 3D models from merely one computer design; this technology is based on a procedure that layers the model and then squirts the ink.

This printing service involves as its primary step first the acquisition of 3D imaging software, yet this does not have to be a prohibitive factor as such software is quite available online for free these days. An example of such a free software comes from none other than Google and its Sketchup software. This software features an easy-to-learn interface and even 3D models that you can download for no extra charge.

After such software designs your 3D model, printing services then use 3D printers that go through the process of turning your 3D software-designed models into reality. The only prohibiting factor in this case is the high cost of the 3D printers, which run in the several thousands of dollars, too expensive for most people to afford.

So before printing services that print in 3D make their way to Pickering, you may want to start practicing with your free 3D imaging software. Just in case.

Printing company goes carbon neutral

November 27, 2010 by  

Postcard printing companies in New Westminster may want to follow in the footsteps of Vancouver-based Metropolitan Fine Printers. This printing company has recently gone carbon neutral, buying into the Al Gore-pushed environmentalist campaign to reduce apparent carbon footprints by the purchasing of carbon credits.

Carbon credits are a way for customers of Metropolitan Fine Printers to balance out their consumption of paper that they do on a per product basis. Despite this latest, pro-environmental lobby push by this printing company, they have already been working in the past to do their part to help out Mother Earth.

Metropolitan Fine Printers has already been using FSC-certified paper, recycling and also making sure that all of the procedures and practices at their printing company are as environmentally friendly as possible. To them, it just made sense to finally do this last effort to adhere even more to the environmentalist message.

According to the business development manager of Metropolitan Fine Printers, Nikos Kallas, the printing company’s customers are all on board with the environmentalist move. Their customers include both government agencies and private companies, and both kinds of customers are all set to begin their own transition to carbon neutral operations in the near future.

While this Vancouver-based printing company may seem to be too strict in its environmentalism, Kallas assures that this isn’t the case. They routinely push environmental products on their clients, but when the clients can’t afford it, this printing company doesn’t insist.

Before postcard printing companies in New Westminster jump on the green bandwagon, though, they may want to take a wait-and-see approach. After all, with environmentalist scandals like Climategate, more people are having their doubts.

Mobile phone app complements business cards

November 25, 2010 by  

Business cards seem somewhat out of place in today’s tech-heavy world, and while these relics can’t compare in excitement to new technology gadgets, many people still use them due to their reliability. Many companies, like those in Mississauga, that specialize in business card printing are still not running out of demand or clients for whom to print business cards. However, a new, tiny app for your mobile phone complements your traditional business cards perfectly.

The ABBYY Business Card Reader Reader 3.0 works harmoniously with your iPhone to allow its camera to take pictures of your business card. Then, this app will actually scan said pictures and make a new contact for you based on the information from your business card that it just scanned.

There are both free as well as full versions of this mobile phone app for your business cards. The main difference between the two versions is that the full version permits you to procure information that goes well beyond the basics of simply a contact’s first and last name along with a phone number, which is what the free version is limited to doing.

For those who wish to use the app in conjunction with their usual business cards, they may also integrate it with Facebook. Additionally, people may also use the ABBYY Business Card Reader 3.0 to look for addresses on Google maps and also look for contacts on Twitter and LinkedIn.

While business card printing by companies in Mississauga may remain in demand, this app gives people a handy, little alternative.

Printers lectured to focus on both local markets and innovation

November 25, 2010 by  

On the second day of this year’s Print World exhibition in Toronto, attendees were lectured to focus mainly on local markets and innovation, words of wisdom that printing companies in Newmarket would probably find very useful. The keynote speaker at this year’s Print World was none other than the professor emeritus of the Rochester Institute of Technology, Frank Romano, and he made his opinion known to attendees loud and clear.

One of the themes to Romano’s lecture was that [Read more]

Printer that is ideal for banner printing

November 24, 2010 by  

A maker of printers that is especially ideal for banner printing is Oki Data, and this is relevant to owners of printing shops in Milton. Print shops that specialize in banner printing generally look for certain features in the printers they use for that specific purpose. One brand that is quite often cited as a reliable choice for banner printing is a certain model made by Oki Data Americas, a branch of the Japanese maker of printing equipment, Oki Data.

Oki Data has its headquarters in Tokyo, and it currently has a presence in more than 120 countries across the globe. Oki Data is renowned in Japan for making the first telephone there in 1881, but today, after in excess of 120 years as a technology company, it focuses mainly on telecommunications, printing equipment and even mechatronics products.

The Oki Data printer model that has printing shops so excited is the MC361, which is only an entry level model, but the fact that it is makes it all the better. For an affordable price, this model provides banner printing for banners all the way up to 52 inches in length. In addition, it features a 350-sheet capacity along with printing capability in both black and color options. Finally, it is designed in such a way to be compact, not taking up more space than it needs to.

Print shops in places like Milton are likely to be in the market for this attractive Oki Data model that handles banner printing so well. For a reasonable price, small businesses can get a lot out of the MC361.

Print World offers chance for printers to hear from top industry members

November 24, 2010 by  

Flyer printing companies in Oakville had a great opportunity to hear from top printing industry members at this year’s Print World exhibition in Toronto. Print World is a traveling exhibition that puts on printer-friendly shows at locations all over the world, and this year, Canada was lucky enough to host it.

In a seminar on Sunday, Print World showcased a presentation entitled the ‘Print Buyer’s Panel: What Print Buyers Really Want’. Sponsored by Rogers, all sorts of topics ranging from FSC to cold calls were covered. Appearing at the seminar were printing industry figures Mark Greene (LCBO’s director), Bonnie Cook (the production manager of House & Home Media), and Carey George (Up Inc.’s creative director as well as principal).

Some of the revelations that these top printing industry people shared with the audience were their thoughts on cold calls as well as the importance of knowing your potential client. Regarding cold calls, the panelists agreed that they were aggravating and thus served little purpose for printers. On the issue of knowing what company printers approach, the panelists were in agreement, too, that knowing what company you approach is time-saving and makes for a more efficient business model.

Conversely, the same panel handed out tips for sales representatives. Some of the tips explored the need not to exaggerate, the value of ensuring a reliable relationship, and the importance of honesty in the relationship.

Thanks to this seminar at Print World, flyer printing companies in Oakville had a chance to hear the secrets of success from top print industry members.

Toronto print and media company’s CEO and chairman honored

November 23, 2010 by  

Providers of printing services in the Toronto area may want to pay attention to St. Joseph Communications’ CEO and chairman, Tony Gagliano. Recently, he was just named Graphic Monthly Canada’s Printer of the Year.

In a feature story on him in said magazine, the printing-passionate Gagliano recalls how he has been involved with printing from a very early age. In fact, because of this early start to getting acquainted with print, Gagliano says he fails to know whether he chose printing as a career or whether it [Read more]

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