Coquitlam workshop to transform waste paper into flower gardens

October 7, 2018 by  

Handcrafted seed paper can make a great gift while helping to divert waste from area landfills, and a Coquitlam workshop will offer hands-on instruction in how to create it right from scratch.

Douglas College’s Institute of Urban Ecology will be hosting the session, and it will be open to people of any age. It has been requested that any children who wish to participate be accompanied by an adult.

The sheets of seed paper will be crafted using materials such as paper waste and garden or native wildflower seeds. These can be planted in the garden, and with a little luck and some loving care, they will grow into a flower garden. They can also be used as card stock, wrapping paper, or given as gifts.

The seed paper crafting workshop will run for approximately one and a half hours, and there is no registration fee being charged to participate. Flyer printing techniques can offer an easy way to promote an event like this to people in the local community who may be interested in taking part. It is scheduled to begin at 5:00 pm.

Those who register for this hands-on opportunity to learn how they can make their own little corner of the world a little bit more beautiful will be held on November 15. It will be taking place at 1250 Pinetree Way.