Coquitlam workshop to show how weeds can be beautiful

March 31, 2018 by  

An event on the agenda for Coquitlam will seek to show how there can be good in everything by turning invasive weeds into baskets.

The Weaving with Invasive Species workshop will teach those who participate how to use twining to transform plant materials into small baskets that they can then take home with them. This technique was used by First Nations peoples and early settlers, and is still in use today.

Along with learning about the process of twining, the attendees will be taught how they can assess a weed or other plant to see if it can be used for this. They will also discover how to harvest and store the materials they wish to use so that they can make as many baskets as they like.

The workshop is open to anyone who is age 16 and over, and the registration fee is $20 each. It will run for approximately three hours and will be taking place at 1116 Brunette Avenue in Coquitlam Heritage. Flyer printing can be used by a printer in the local area to create materials that let the local community know when and where an event like this will be taking place.

The Weaving with Invasive Species session has been planned for April 14. Additional information, along with an opportunity to sign up to take part, can be found on the Coquitlam Heritage website.