Coquitlam workshop may make math less mysterious

December 17, 2018 by  

A workshop planned for Coquitlam will be equipping parents as well as teachers, tutors and other educators with knowledge they can use to help children approach mathematics head on and achieve success.

Math can be a subject that doesn’t come naturally to everyone, and some children can really struggle in their studies. The free session will be focusing on students who are in elementary or middle school. It has been set up by Sarah Susswein, who is a National Institute for Learning Development (NILD) therapist and is trained to offer assistance and other support.

The workshop will be approaching the subject from the student’s perspective. There will be a discussion of why some pupils struggle. Number sense will be reviewed, and the group will learn about how they can recognize signs that a child may be challenged in this area.

Alternatives to rote memory will be included in the presentation, and there will be tips shared for how to assist a child who is coping with anxiety when it comes to math.

Events like this can be helpful to parents and others who want to help a child who is struggling with mathematics but doesn’t know where to start. Printing services can work with the organizer to design training manuals, work books, exercise sheets and other documents that can be helpful to attendees.

This information session will be hosted by the Poirier Branch of the Coquitlam Public Library on January 22nd. Everyone who feels it is of interest to them is invited to participate.