Comic convention returns to Guelph for another year

January 14, 2018 by  

GenreCon is taking place next month in Guelph for three days. The comic convention is dedicated to all aspects of ‘geek’ culture, including literature, film, music and gaming.

There will be a number of special guests appearing this year, including Jon Deardon, Grace Stemp-Morlock and Koizumi Chan. Other guests will include Ontario Gamebusters and cosplay (costume) celebrities. A popular part of the convention will also be the vendors’ room where fans can purchase a wide variety of related items.

The event will consist of panel discussions and competitions. The Let’s Talk Science area will provide plenty of children’s activities. There is also an Evening with the Elements social event, which is a cosplay dance. Guests can compete in the Catan Qualifier for $10 each (Catan is a board game with a national championship).

In addition, there will be a Nerd Nite held in Kitchener.

The convention will attract gamers and comic book fans from all over the Guelph area. To help spread the word in the community, organizers of events usually invest in services such as flyer printing from a favorite print company.

GenreCon will be held at the Holiday Inn Guelph from February 9 to 11. Admission is $15 per day for adults and $10 for youth; a weekend pass is also available for $25. To find out the latest information about the convention, visit the official event website.