Chilliwack workshop to teach the art of decluttering

February 21, 2017 by  

Getting organized can be a difficult process, but an upcoming Chilliwack event will give participants skills they can use to declutter their closets and the rest of their homes as well.

The Chilliwack Library will be hosting a ‘Showing Clutter to the Door’ workshop where participants will learn an assortment of techniques and tips they can use to help them sort through their belongs and get organized. It will be facilitated by an organizing expert from GoodRiddance, who will use laughter and music to help make the event both informative and entertaining.

According to the Chilliwack Library, the event will offer a straightforward and no nonsense approach to decluttering. It will be taught by Susan Borax, who both helped to found Good Riddance and has also written a book on the subject of organized living, which is available for borrowing through the library. The hosts of an event like this can use digital copying to produce handouts and other materials that can be distributed to those who take part.

The session is being held on March 4 from 11:00 am until 1:00 pm in the library, which can be found at 45860 First Avenue. Everyone is welcome to attend, and anyone who would like to find out more information is asked to visit the library’s website, or they can call (604) 792-1941 for more information.