Cat shelter gets new playroom and equipment

December 28, 2014 by  

A brand new adoption room has opened at the Oakville and Milton Humane Society (OMHS), and it’s the first of its kind at the shelter.

The money to pay for the modifications to the room – which used to be filled with the cages one might expect to see in an animal shelter – came from a grant provided by the Gordon and Patricia Gary Animal Welfare Foundation.

The cages are gone, and have been replaced with a cheerful atmosphere where the cats residing there can move about freely and play with toys, enjoy a nap in one of the cat beds, exercise on the climbing towers and scratching pots, and become more used to having people around. It’s decorated with a mural painted by an OMHS staff member.

While the shelter does have a socialization room, the cats may not be able to spend that much time there. The new space provides them with an opportunity to socialize with one another and with shelter staff. It also affords those coming to the facility to adopt a kitten with an opportunity to see the adult cats playing and having fun, which may encourage them to choose one of these adult cats to take home.

This new facility could help older cats to find loving homes, and printing companies can help. They can produce brochures explaining why an adult cat can make an ideal pet, as well as the adoption process.