Camrose green thumbs invited to soil-building event

February 13, 2017 by  

Whether on a farm or in a home garden, fertile soil is an essential part of horticulture, and this will be highlighted during an upcoming Camrose workshop.

The information session, which will be held at the Camrose Heritage Railway Station, will explore the systems used by ancient people that allowed them to ensure the soil they used for their agricultural activities remained fertile for decades, or even centuries.

The first portion of the day will be dedicated to a lecture on the topic, after which participants will be able to get their hands dirty and try out the techniques they have learned for themselves. Comb binding can be used to prepare training manuals that provide additional information for all those who take part in an event like this.

Each person who takes part will learn how to craft clay based soil kookies, and they will walk away with both a new set of knowledge and skills and also two dozen of these kookies that they will be able to deploy in their own garden at home. The cost to participate is $60 per person.

The Growing Your Own Soil workshop will be held on March 5 at 4407 47 Avenue in Camrose. Only 12 people will be permitted to register, so anyone who is interested is advised to do book their place as possible. Further details and a registration link are available on the Tourism Camrose website.