Camrose conference to explore caring for the caregiver

October 3, 2018 by  

Whether it is in a professional capacity or caring for a family member, being a caregiver can sometimes prove to be stressful, and a Camrose conference will address the issue of making sure carers also receive the support and compassion they need for themselves.

The symposium will offer insight into the topic of creating a compassionate environment that cares for caregivers, and Dr. Rob Rutledge will be one of the featured speakers. Open to both professionals and laypeople alike, and the registration fee is $40 each.

Those who attend the event will have a chance to learn about what steps can be taken to ensure that caregivers have the support they need from themselves, their family and also the community as a whole. The day will open with a meet and greet over a continental breakfast, and lunch is also included in the agenda for the day.

This learning opportunity has been organized for Camrose through the efforts of local groups including Camrose Hospice, and a special evening session has been planned for healthcare professionals on the evening before the main event. Presentation packages and other educational materials for this sort of event can be prepared by area stationery printers.

This year’s symposium has been scheduled for November 16 at Camrose Resort Casino. The evening session is planned for 7:00 pm on November 15, and will take place in the Camrose Recreation Center.