Cambridge Rotary Ribfest getting ready for another year

July 3, 2018 by  

A tasty Cambridge event will be back this summer, and it promises to bring some of the best barbecue together with entertainment, an artisans’ market and lots of other fun.

Six rib experts who have already received awards in recognition of their BBQ skills will be a part of the festivities, and admission to the festivities will be free of charge. While they enjoy all that the occasion has to offer, the attendees can help to make a difference in their community and the larger world, as well by making a donation at one of the stations that will be set up throughout the grounds.

A huge assortment of food will be available during the event, and there will be choices for meat lovers, vegans, and those who prefer a gluten-free dining experience alike. Ice cold beverages, including beer, wine and mixed drinks will be offered as well. There will be live entertainment and a shuttle service will ensure that those who park in the Riverside Park area will have easy access to Ribfest. Local print shops will be able to supply an occasion like this with everything from pop-up banners to T-shirts for the volunteers to wear during their shifts.

Ribfest will be back in Cambridge for 2018 from August 10 until August 12. Its website can be consulted for further details.