Cambridge gives respectable showing in safe driving report

December 1, 2017 by  

Cambridge has ranked 51 out of the 93 communities included in the ninth annual Safe Driving Study conducted by Allstate Canada.

The study found that Cambridge’s collision claims frequency rate held steady at 5.73% when compared to the previous survey held in 2015. Even though there was no increase or decrease in the city’s claim frequency, the overall ranking fell from 49th in 2015, to 51st in the current study. Collision claims frequency applies the percentage of vehicles that made a claim to Allstate Canada as a result of an accident.

Hanmer, Ontario made the top of the list with the lowest collision frequency rate of 3.65%. Halifax, Nova Scotia found itself at the bottom with a 7.9% rate.

The report also includes several safety tips to avoid accidents and remain safe on Canada’s roads. These include avoiding distracted driving, such as cellphone use, eating and drinking, putting on makeup and adjusting the radio. Other recommendations included installing winter tires and not driving while impaired. Additional safe driving advice can be found on the Good Hands blog, and direct mail printing is another good way to distribute safety tips to clients.

The report noted that Friday was the day of the week with the highest number of collisions reported. Additionally, February 12, has the dubious honor of being designated as the day of the year with the most accidents reported.

The complete Safe Driving Report can be found on the Allstate website.