Cambridge Canada Day seeking volunteers

May 4, 2018 by  

The nation’s birthday is fast approaching, and Cambridge has put out a call to anyone who may be interested in volunteering to help make its celebrations fun for all.

The Canada Day festivities will bring the community together, and the public’s support is needed to ensure it is a success. There are many positions that will need to be filled, and donations will also be most welcome.

One of the jobs that will need to be done is the collections of donations from residents. To help make this as easy as possible, the planners will be providing aprons that will be worn by the helpers as they accept contributions. In return, each person who donates a dollar or more will receive a “Cambridge Canada Day” bracelet to both thank them and let others know that they have made a contribution. A local printing services provider can work with its not-for-profit customers to design items such as these.

The organizers of the festivities noted that the volunteers will be given T-shirts, a meal and other tokens to thank them for their efforts. The hours can be used to meet high school requirements, and those who are interested can choose the time that is best for them.

The Cambridge Canada Day activities will be held on July 1 in Riverside Park. More details can be found on the event’s website.