Cambridge area workshop explores benefits of raising hens at home

January 11, 2019 by  

People are discovering how keeping backyard chickens can provide eggs, companionship and other benefits. Residents of Cambridge who are considering adding some hens to their family are invited to a workshop that will teach them the ins and outs of home poultry husbandry.

The short course will be led by a facilitator with many years of experience in keeping a flock of chickens healthy and happy. The participants will find out how easy it can be with some knowledge and the right tools for the job.

The course will cover a wide assortment of topics related to keeping poultry. The students will discover how to choose which chickens are best for their particular situation, as well as housing for hens. There will be a review of the different breeds, basic chicken care, what hens eat, what sorts of nesting materials they need and also how to keep predators at bay.

A portion of the class will be dedicated to sharing secrets of how to keep chickens in a suburban or urban setting without bothering neighbours. The goal is to help people decide whether keeping chickens is a good choice for them, and they will all go home armed with knowledge, handouts and even plans for a basic coop for their future flock. Stationery printers can be called upon to supply items like these, and they can provide as many or as few copies as are needed.

This workshop will be offered to the public on April 27. It will be taking place in Guelph at 28 Inkerman Street.