Calgary walk to explore the city’s wild side

April 5, 2018 by  

Those who would like to learn more about the plants that grow in and around Calgary and how they can be safely added to their diet will be able to do so during an outdoor activity that has been planned for this spring.

A plant walk has been organized for Nose Hill Park, and it is open to adults and children alike The participants will discover the various species that call the area home and how they can be used.

The facilitator of the activity will teach the group how to identify the plants they encounter, and also how to distinguish between those that are edible and those that may look very similar but are not safe to eat. There will also be a discussion of different recipes that can be made from these wild vegetables and how they can provide beneficial nutrients to those who eat them.

Anyone would like to be included is reminded to dress appropriately, and wear a good pair of walking shoes. Sun screen, insect repellant and a bottle of water are also recommended. Print shops can provide simple field guides and other items that can be distributed to those who take part in an event like this.

This exploration of how edible plants can be found even in the city will be on offer on May 23 in Nosehill Park. Tickets start at $35 each, and children under 12 will be allowed to participate free of charge.