Calgary to host public speaking competition

May 13, 2017 by  

While public speaking may be extremely frightening for some, others pride themselves in their ability to address a crowd, and during an upcoming Calgary event, they will have an opportunity to put their skills to the test.

‘So You Think You Can Speak, Eh?’ will be a competitive tournament that will give public speakers a chance to show all they can do while spreading the word about a cause they are passionate about. It will also provide a showcase for those who provide coaching in the field of talking in front of a group. All are welcome, no matter how much, or how little, experience they may have in public speaking.

There is no cost to participate in the event, which will include both speaker and coach divisions. There will be spots for at least 32 of each, with the top four being awarded a both prize and trophy for their efforts. A printer can use graphic design to produce personalized awards for a competition such as this.

According to the contest’s organizers, it will give those who take part an opportunity to share their message with thousands of people. It will run from May 26 to 28 in Calgary, and further details can be obtained by contacting or by visiting the website that has been set up for the event.