Calgarians invited to step up for wildlife

March 5, 2017 by  

As part of its Earth Day celebrations, the Alberta Wilderness Association is asking residents of Calgary to take some steps to help the province’s wildlife.

The not-for-profit group will be hosting an event at the Bow Building that will see participants climbing the building’s 1,188 stairs to raise funds to support its efforts. In addition to the more athletic portion of the day, displays will be set up where the public can view pictures of the natural world that were taken by photographers from all around Alberta.

There will also be information provided about the province’s wildlife and the efforts that are being made to protect it. Pop-up banners can be created for an event like this that can be reused any time the organizers host an event, which is both economical and friendly to the environment.

The activity is open to people of all ages, and there will be a special area set aside for the kids where they can discover facts about wild animals and their habitats. Prizes will be awarded to the top fundraisers, and the organizers encourage everyone to collect as much as they can.

The Climb for Wilderness will take place in the Bow Building on April 22, starting at 8:30 am. Anyone who would like to find out more is asked to visit the website that has been set up for the event.