Calgarians invited to dine in the dark

December 12, 2016 by  

A Calgary not for profit organization and a local restaurant have teamed up to create a dining experience like no other, all in an effort to raise funds to help provide hot meals to those who need them.

Calgary Meals on Wheels has partnered with Modern Steak to host Dining in the Dark. Guests will be treated to a meal without being able to see what they are eating, which can make it an adventure for all those who take part. They will have to depend on their other senses to enjoy their food. A stationery printing company will be able to provide printed tickets and an assortment of promotional products for an event such as this.

The evening will start off with a cocktail reception, after which diners will be blindfolded and escorted to the table. The menu has been selected so that guests will have to guess what they are enjoying without being able to use their sense of sight to do so. Funds raised will be used to help support Meals in Wheels in its efforts to ensure that everyone has food to eat, even if they are not able to prepare it due to illness, incapacity or other reasons.

Dining in the Dark will be held on January 26th at Modern Steak, Tickets are $99. 00 each, and they can be purchased by calling the restaurant at (403) 670-6873.