Burnaby event to showcase RCMP equestrian skills

July 1, 2018 by  

The RCMP has staged its Musical Ride, which celebrates its early days as a cavalry mounted unit, for many years and in Burnaby, its equestrian personnel will be performing this showcase of their skills next month.

The troops that will be performing in the spectacle include 32 highly trained horses and their riders, and they will engage in a series of choreographed maneuvers. Both the “dome” and “charge” formations will be included, and there will be other fun to enjoy as well.

The occasion will be family friendly, and along with the riding, there will be interactive displays, performances and other activities. Food and beverages will be available for purchase, and those who come out are advised to bring along sunscreen and a hat. Pets are not permitted, and those who plan on attending have also been asked to leave any professional cameras at home.

The event has been planned to be accessible, but there are only a limited number of these seats. Anyone who requires this option has been asked to reserve theirs well ahead of time. Banners and other signage that can help to make an event like this even more enjoyable can be provided by area print shops.

The RCMP Musical Ride will be entertaining crowds on August 15 in Burnaby’s Swangard Stadium. Adult tickets start at $10, and there will be no charge for kids who are ages five and under.