Burnaby event to shine a light on Crime Stoppers

May 3, 2018 by  

Crime Stoppers is a program that both solves crime in the local area and makes communities safer, and an event will be held in Burnaby that will provide further details about this program.

The session, which will be conducted in English with Chinese translation available for those who need it, will outline Crime Stoppers and how it gives people a way of reporting crimes without having to engage with the police. They can report incidents that are current, as well as those in the past or in the future, and details about how it makes this possible will be included in the presentation.

The information session is scheduled to run for approximately one and half hours, and everyone who is interested in learning more is welcome. Along with information about how the Crime Stoppers Initiative works, attendees will be given practical tips about steps they can take to make their whole neighborhood safer for all those who call it home.

There is no cost to participate, but only a limited number of seats are available. Anyone who is interested in being in the audience has been asked to register ahead of time. Promotional pens, brochures and other items that have been printed to include an organization’s logo can be prepared for an event like this by a local printer.

This Occasion will be offered to the public on June 5 at 7311 Kingsway in Burnaby. Anyone who would like additional details can find them on the Burnaby Now website.