Promotional Pens in North Vancouver

The city of North Vancouver, British Columbia was incorporated in 1891. One of the original residents and business leaders was Arthur Heywood-Lonsdale, and many places in the city are named after him including Lonsdale Avenue (the main street of the city) and the Lonsdale Quay Market. It is home to several businesses of all sizes that occasionally invest in products such as promotional pens in North Vancouver. At Minuteman Press, we can provide the business community with those and many other products.

Promotional products are items that are either given away at events such as trade shows, given as gifts or offered as prizes. Promotional pens are one of the more affordable products and they are always popular with the public. The pens may be printed with the company name and/or phone number, or may be customized with a slogan. These items are an excellent form of passive advertising and help reinforce brand name recognition every time they are used.

Businesses in North Vancouver will have the opportunity to work closely with design staff to ensure that the customization is exactly the way they want it.

At Minuteman Press, we can provide items such as promotional pens in North Vancouver to our clients. We are well-respected in the industry and have many satisfied customers in the city due to our dedication to quality work. Call us today for a quote.