Direct Mail Printing in North Vancouver

North Vancouver, British Columbia, is a municipality set amidst the stunning natural beauty of the Burrard Inlet and the North Shore Mountains. A short distance from downtown Vancouver, it has thriving industries in chemical production, shipping and film production, and draws many visitors willing to pit themselves against the “Grouse Grind”; a tough trail that leads to the top of Grouse Mountain. Minuteman Press is also a feature here, and we provide direct mail printing in North Vancouver.

Direct mail is a vital means of communicating with markets. By obtaining a mailing list of potential customers through a distributor, highly target advertising materials can be sent to the people who would have the most interest in a product or service. Any mail can be individualized; consumers can be addressed by name, increasing engagement.

It’s also highly flexible. Direct mail can be a letter, flyer, a postcard, or anything else that will capture peoples’ attention. Free samples or coupons can also be included, which provides an extra incentive for consumers. It’s a cost-effective way for North Vancouver businesses to connect with colourful, visually appealing printed materials, and any direct mail campaign can easily be tracked and adjusted depending on its response.

At Minuteman Press, we have a dedicated team of print experts and graphic designers to help with any marketing operation. Call us today to find out more about direct mail printing in North Vancouver.