Personalized Pop Up Banners in New Westminster

Frequently considered to be part of Vancouver itself by bodies such as Environment Canada, New Westminster acts as an island bridge between the suburbs of the Vancouver region and the city itself. With Douglas College offering courses in medicine and more at its New Westminster campus, and with easy access to the region’s SkyTrain system, New Westminster serves as a major shopping and education hub for locals and visitors throughout the Vancouver region. At Minuteman Press, personalized pop up banners in New Westminster is just one service we offer to businesses across the city and beyond.

New Westminster and many other cities near the coast see a great deal of rain. Many pop up banners use vinyl or other materials that provide resistance to inclement weather, ensuring that the banners can be used both indoors and outdoors, at trade shows or by the road.

Personalized pop up banners come in different sizes, allowing for flexibility in where they’re used as well as how. But it doesn’t stop there: personalized pop up banners present an opportunity for a business client to unleash their creativity in colour and text, illustration and information. Virtually every aspect of a banner order can be customized.

At Minuteman Press, we design and print personalized pop up banners in New Westminster that, built to specification, can stand up to both physical and market conditions in the city. To get more information or a price quote, simply contact us today.