Large Format Printing in New Westminster

The city of New Westminster, British Columbia was founded in 1858 and is often referred to as “The Royal City” since the name was chosen by Queen Victoria. It sits on the Fraser River, which plays a large part in local industry. A popular annual festival here is the Hyack Festival which takes place every Victoria Day weekend. Organizers of special events often need large format printing in New Westminster and when they do many of them contact us at Minuteman Press for help.

Large format printing is a process that allows an image of any size to be blown up to fit on a sign that will be visible from a distance away. The process allows the integrity of the image to remain while enlarging it. Large format printing also results in vivid colors that will draw people to a sign or billboard. Public events often have designated areas and these large format images will help to separate them. It is also useful when advertising an event and these printed products can be displayed in bus shelters or in public buildings. The majority of business leaders hire a local printing company to provide large format printing. This also gives them access to highly trained design professionals.

At Minuteman Press, we provide services such as large format printing in New Westminster to our local business customers. Call today.