Custom Pens in New Westminster

The city of New Westminster, British Columbia was discovered by Richard Moody. It is located within easy commuting distance of Vancouver. The main industries here are manufacturing and light industrial although there are more high-tech companies moving in all the time. The city has many cultural facilities such as the Massey Theatre. When companies located here decide they need custom pens in New Westminster, they give us a call at Minuteman Press for help.

Custom pens are pens that are designed to match a company’s brand and to help advertise it in the community. They most often have the company name and maybe a phone number printed on the shaft of the pen. These pens can be placed in the reception area for the use of customers, they can be provided to employees and they can be handed out at various trade shows. Having a local professional printing company provide custom pens is usually the best choice. The company hires highly trained professionals with graphic design skills who have an idea of what type of designs are most appealing to the majority of people. Hiring locally also saves money in shipping and the turnover is very quick.

When companies need custom pens in New Westminster, they are encouraged to contact us at Minuteman Press. We can provide our customers with any custom-designed products they might need to help advertise or improve their company. Call us today to receive a free, no-obligation quote.