Commercial Printers in New Westminster

The city of New Westminster, British Columbia sits on the Burrard Peninsula. It was originally the home of the Qayqayt First Nation. European settlers discovered it in the mid-1800s and considered it a “second England.” Much of this history is collected by the New Westminster Museum and Archives. The majority of businesses here are industrial but there are a wide variety of different small and medium-sized businesses, which often look for commercial printers in New Westminster for a number of reasons. At Minuteman Press, we are always ready to provide them with what they need.

Companies hire commercial printers for many reasons, such as providing signage for company buildings and vehicles, for stationery and to produce items such as corporate gifts. When they do hire a commercial printer, the majority of businesses will hire a local printing company; often one they have worked with in the past. This cuts down on prices because most items will be delivered in as little as a day without any large shipping charges. Hiring locally is also important when any issues arise that must be corrected quickly.

When businesses are looking for the services of commercial printers in New Westminster, they often contact us at Minuteman Press for help. We are well respected in the local business community due to our high-quality products and services. Call us today for a quote.