Xpress Ads in Delta

Delta, British Columbia is located on the Fraser River. It is also situated along the border with Washington State, and the Tsawwassen peoples were its first settlers. The city was first connected to Vancouver by the George Massey Tunnel in 1959 and in later years by the Alex Fraser Bridge. Some popular annual events held here include the Tour de Delta bicycle race and the Delta Triathlon. There are businesses of all kinds located here that often invest in Xpress Ads in Delta. At Minuteman Press, we can provide them with these and many other printed products.

When a company invests in Xpress Ads, it is usually because are starting a new advertising campaign in the community. This campaign may be to let the public know about their social media presence or to advertise an upcoming sale. No matter the reason, Delta companies like the fact that these ads are a quick way to get the word out to the community.

The ads are printed on one sheet of paper and a mailed out without an envelope. A printing company provides the design, prints them out in batches of over 10,000 and mails them to people in a chosen community.

Companies looking for Xpress Ads in Delta are welcome to contact us at Minuteman Press for more information. Call today and receive a free quote.