Xpress Ads in Coquitlam

Coquitlam, British Columbia is part of Metropolitan Vancouver. It was settled by the Coast Salish people, and the first Europeans moved here in the 1860s. While the city is mainly seen as a commuter suburb, there are still several small and medium-sized businesses operating here. These include Art in Motion and Coca-Cola. On occasions, many of these companies will contact us at Minuteman Press to order products such as Xpress Ads in Coquitlam.

Xpress Ads are handled exclusively by the printing company that creates them, which works with the client to agree on a design and then goes ahead and prints the ads. These are then mailed out directly from the print shop, taking advantage of the saving gained by shipping in bulk. This saves the client both time and money, especially when there is a time-crunch of any kind.

Coquitlam business leaders like the fact that these ads are mailed out to thousands of potential customers in an area chosen by them. The ads are attractive to the eye and will likely be read by most of the recipients; since there is no envelope to open, the odds are it will be looked at more closely.

At Minuteman Press, we have been providing products such as Xpress Ads in Coquitlam for years. Our very satisfied customers appreciate our dedication to quality, so call us today.