Xpress Ads in Abbotsford

Abbotsford, British Columbia is home to an international airport, and is often referred to as the ‘Raspberry Capital of Canada’ since the red fruit is one of the major crops. While agriculture makes up a large percentage of business in the city, the economy is rather diverse and includes companies in various industries such as manufacturing and retail. From time to time, many businesses will invest in Xpress Ads in Abbotsford. When they do, the Minuteman Press team is ready to help.

Xpress Ads are advertisements that are mailed out directly from a printing company to local businesses and residences. They are printed directly on a card and have no envelope. Many Abbotsford business leaders find them an inexpensive way to advertise in the community.

Every aspect of the ads is handled by the printing company, which helps design the ads, prints the finished product, and then mails them out. The price of this service is reasonable and all-inclusive. The ads are mailed out to 10,000 people in a specific target area, and end up saving more money by being mailed in bulk.

When companies are looking for Xpress Ads in Abbotsford, we encourage them to contact us at Minuteman Press. We provide our clients with top-quality printed products at excellent prices. Call us today or drop by the shop for a free, no-obligation quote.