Brampton event to explore the secrets of infant sleep

March 1, 2018 by  

For many new parents, getting their baby off to sleep can sometimes be a challenge, and a Brampton event will share secrets of helping the whole family to enjoy a peaceful night’s rest.

The Justine Blainey Wellness Centre will be hosting a workshop that will be dedicated to the science and art of infant sleep. It is set to run for two hours, and will answer many of the hottest questions about this part of an infant’s daily routine.

The facilitator will guide the group through an exploration of the patterns of a baby’s sleep cycle and debunk some of the myths that surround it. Safe sleep will also be discussed, and the attendees will also learn why setting healthy patterns in infancy can aid in preventing issues in the future. Parents will discover what they can do to give their new son or daughter a good night’s rest, along with common sense strategies for helping their child sleep. A print company can provide specially designed parent journals and other materials that can be distributed to those who participate in a learning event like this.

The workshop has been planned for the afternoon of March 24, and it will begin at 12:30 pm. It has been organized by Amelia Rebolo, and will be held at 220 Wexford Road. Tickets to participate start at $60 each.