Big growth for London storage providers

May 21, 2017 by  

London suppliers of storage solutions have seen a huge increase in demand in recent months.

Record home sales in London and surrounding areas have resulted in an unprecedented number of families relocating. Many providers are reporting an increase versus the early spring months of 2016. The real estate boom in Toronto is being credited with the increase.

The high demand has resulted in homes selling faster than ever before.

In addition, a new trend in home sales, commonly referred to as “decluttering”, has resulted in homeowners utilizing mobile storage units. A neat and organized home tends to sell at the asking price, or for above asking. These units can be parked on the homeowner’s driveway or backyard, providing a simple and convenient place to store belongings while the house is for sale.

With so many options available to the home owner, the use of direct mail printing services may increase, as a way of communicating their services to local residents selling their homes. Brochures, personalized pens and stationery may be provided to real estate agents, in the hopes they will recommend their services to their clients.

According to a study by the London St. Thomas Association of Realtors, $53,000 in additional spending results from each home sold in the London area. Buyers and sellers will invest in renovations, new furniture and appliances, legal services, moving services and storage solutions.

Homeowners see the expenses of renovating their home, or renting a temporary storage solution, as an investment in the sale.