Back to school time for Calgary’s pooches

October 4, 2017 by  

Fall is back, and in Calgary that’s means it is back to school time for the four-legged members of the family.

Polite Pooches will teach dogs basic obedience skills using a variety of gentle methods such as the Tellington Touch. Marker-based training skills will be taught, with the goal of teaching the dog how to be well behaved in any situation, in a humane way.

Those who are interested in signing up are asked to make sure their pooch has been spayed or neutered, be up to date with its vaccinations, and be older than five months. They must also be well socialized and able to interact with other dogs without showing reactive behavior. The trainers will be certified and have plenty of experience.

The fee to participate in the class has been set at $220 for the general public, while for Calgary Humane Society members, rescue dogs and seniors, the registration fee will be a reduced $190. A printer will be able to use binding techniques to craft manuals and other materials for use during a program such as this.

The obedience classes are scheduled to start on Saturday, October 21 at the Calgary Humane Society. For those looking for more information and an opportunity to sign up to participate, these can be found through the society’s Facebook listing.