Assistance sought for Calgary park BioBlitz

June 3, 2018 by  

Last year, Calgary’s Weaselhead Park played host to ‘Canada 150 BioBlitz’, and it was such a popular event that it has been brought back for 2018.

The participants in the different session will both aid in conducting data collection for some of the species that can be found in the park, and also a chance for the participants to learn more about them. All ages are welcome, but children will need to be accompanied by an adult.

Each of the events will run for approximately three and a half hours, and they will investigate aquatic invertebrates, terrestrial beetles, and also bumblebees. An expert will be on hand to aid in identification of the different species that are found, and they will also be a discussion about them and the role they play in the environment and ecosystem.

While all are welcome to take part in this learning opportunity, the organizers noted that each of the events will include several kilometers of walking, and this will sometimes be over uneven terrain. A company that designs and produces letterheads will be able to craft record sheets and other material for this type of function.

These sessions, which will explore the biodiversity of Weaselhead Park, will be held on June 23rd, July 7th and July 22nd. They will all begin at 9:30 am, and anyone who is interested in finding out more can do so on the planner’s Facebook page.